Ultrasonic Diagnostic Equipment

Product Code: SYH-G1, Ultrasonic Diagnostic Equipment



14 inch SVGA high resolution non-interlaced monitor

Multi-frequency probes

Real-time zooming

192-frame Cineloop

8 images permanent storage

USB port

Multi-segment TGC adjustment


Image mode B, B/B, 4B, B/M, M
Scanning mode Convex and linear array
Multi-frequency probe 2.5~8.5 MHz
Image magnification ×0.8, ×0.9, ×1.0, ×1.1,×1.2, ×1.3, ×1.4 ×1.5
Electronic focus Acoustic lens focus, single focus and multiple focus
Max display depth 220mm
Depth enhancement Yes
Local zoom Yes
Frame correlation function Yes
Adjustment total gain Yes
dynamic range Yes
Gray Scale 256
Display 14 inch SVGA high resolution non-interlaced monitor
Gain Control 8-segment STC segmentation control,  full gain control
Gains 0~99 dB digital adjustable
Probe connectors 2 (standard)
Storage 8 images permanent image storage
USB port for image transferring to PC
Scanning frequency 2.5~8.5 MHz (depends on probes)
Image reverse Left/right, up/down, positive/negative
Comment Time, date, week, patient ID, age, sex, transducer type, transducer frequency, gray scale, focus, Hospital, Name, display mode, body mark
Body marks 35
Power supply AC 110V 60HZ, AC 220V 50Hz