SYT-S601B Infusion pump

Product Code: SYT-S601B Infusion pump


  •  Flow rate range from 1-2000ml/h.
    ● Unique door-free structure and big  LCD screen, making it easier and more convenient to operate and in the meanwhile
    avoiding problems of pump stuck and fluid leakage.
    ● Unique function of bedside infusion supervision, making patients and their relatives more assured while also reducing nurses’ workload. If used with 2000II and 900I, a bed No. can be set in the machine and then its infusion status and alarm information can be displayed on 2000II (Infusion Supervision System ) located at Nurse’s Station and on 900I (Nurse Beeper).The nurse, upon seeing and hearing the signal, can go and
    handle the unit accordingly.
    ● All brands of standard IV sets are compatible. With only a simple calibration, it can guarantee an accurate, smooth and safe infusion.
    ● When detecting air in line or occlusion, an audio and visual alarm signal shall be given instantly while at the same time the machine stops operation automatically, thus reducing the danger of air embolism to patients.
    ● The infrared sensor shall give alarm signal when detecting excessive air pressure.
    ● Application of double CPU, making the infusion process safer and more reliable.
    ● Alarm signals are given in case of malfunction or operation error and the machine stops operation automatically.
Product Code: SYT-S601B Max.size of outer shell 120*140*190 mm(length*width*height)
Bolus 2000ml/h Alarm functions Over,OCCL.,AIR,low battery, control abnormal, no AC power supply, installation error.
Flow rate range 1-2000ml/h Displayed information Rate, volume limit, accumulated volume, power indicator light, bed No.,AIR,OCCL.,OVER.
Volume limit 1-9999ml Max.weight <2.0kg
Accuracy ±3% Classification Type Ⅱ,BF
KVO flow rate 1ml/h,keep vein open(KV))rate Outer shell material ABS plastic



25W,can run for more than 5 hours continuously after being fully recharged.

Operating conditions Environment temperature +5℃~+40℃ ,atmosphere pressure 86~106kPa, relative humidity20%~90%
Power supply AC100-240V,50/60 Hz,25VA Storage and transport conditions Environment temperature -15 ℃~+50℃ ,atmosphere pressure 86~106kPa, relative humidity20%~90%.
Battery Rechargeable lithium polymer battery,7.4V,1650mAh Applicable infusion set All standard infusion sets.
Certification CE0197 EMC Comply with EN60601-1-2
Work mode Continuous work mode Fuse 220V 2A*2,  12V 2A*2
Water proof IP21 Electrical Shock Proof Battery:Class Ⅱ:AC Power:Type BF.
Battery recharge When the pump is connected to the AC power supply, turn on the power and the battery will automatically recharge (about 8-14 hours to recharge fully). Applied standards Comply with standard of EN ISO 14971:2000,IEC 60601-1:1995,EN IEC  60601-1-2:2001,IEC 60601-2-24,EN ISO 14155-1:2003,EN 980:2003,EN 1041:1998,MDD 93/42EEC