SYT-503C syringe pump

Product Code: SYT-503C  syringe pump


Multi-Channels Syringe Pump
Features and Functions:
1. Multi-channels(Eight-channels), sub-rate injection.
2. Four kinds of injection modes: Rate mode, Time mode,Body Weight mode, link mode.
3. Innovative design of outer appearance gives a strong sense of science and technology.
4. Double CPU makes the process of injection safer and more reliable.
5. Brand-new STM32 ARM-Cortex M3 platform, optimized circuit design, operation rate more faster and stable.
6. The use of TFT color LCD makes the screen display more remarkable.
7. Digital menu, easy operation; functions fully meet the clinical demand.
8. Ample and user-friendly indicator information; accurate and complete alarm information to ensure safe injection.
9 Aluminum alloy base, integrative pump device makes more smooth operation and easier installation and maintenance.