SYS-N100M, Infant Radiant Warmer

Product Code: SYS-N100M, Infant Radiant Warmer


Main functions:

◎Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system.
◎The microprocessor-controlled unit allows for three settings: pre-warm, manual or automatic.
◎Alarm functions for safety includes:
Power failure, temperature deviation,
Temperature sensor failure , over temperature.
◎APGAR timer to record therapy time
◎Convenient X-ray cassette under infant bed
◎Heater head can be adjusted + 90º horizontally
◎Tilt angle of infant bed is adjustable
◎Halogen Observe light angle is adjustable
◎Transparent protector folded
◎Alarms are audible and visual
◎A second thermal cut-out function for more safety
◎Skin temperature sensor failure protect function avoid over temperature
◎LED phototherapy unit