SYM-J1 Emergency Ventilator

Product Code: SYM-J1 Emergency Ventilator 


SYM-J1 is a time cycled constant volume respirator for controled mechnical ventilation in emergencies of all types.for respiratory rescue of accidents in mine traffic or industries,for artifical respiration during transportation of patients in ambuance,on ship,on aeroplanes or from operation room to intensive care unit.It can also be used for respiratory therapy with an attachable humidifier. The O2 concentration is adjustable to 55% or 100% To meet the needs of emergencies, the frequency and minute volume scales have three different colous for administering artifical respiration to infants,children and adults correspondingly.
With O2 or compressed air as gas electricity is required. Small in size,light in weight.easy to carry and simple in operation. SYM-J1 represents an ideal ventilator for all emergency cases.

1.Frequency:10 ~35min – 1
2.Minute volume:2 ~18L/min
3.I:E Ratio:1:1.5
5.Relief valve:5 ~7KPa
6.Gas supply:0.2 ~0.6MPa(O2 or compressed air) 7.Dimension:240×80×200min(L×H×W) 8.Weight:2kg

Infant(Green Colour): Frequency:28-35Bpm MV:2.0-3.5l/Min.
Child(Blue Colour): Frequency:18-28Bpm MV:3.5-7.0l/Min.
Adult(Brown Colour): Frequency:10-18Bpm MV:7.0-18.0l/Min.