SYM-500A, Electrical Ventilator

Product Code: SYM-500A, Electrical Ventilator


SYM-500A, Electrical Ventilator
Main Specifications
·Ventilation modes: IPPV, IPPV/Assist
·Ventilation frequency: 6–60 cycles/seconds
·I:E ratio: 1:1,1:1.5,1:2,1:3
·Tidal volume: 200~1200/ml
·Oxygen concentration: 21%–100%
·High Pressure alarm: 2–6kPa
·Low Pressure alarm: 0.4–2.4kPa
·Trigger sensitivity: -0.2KPa
·PEEP: 0-20 cmH2O(Optional)
·Maximum safety pressure: 6.0KPa
·Environmental requirement:
Normal working condition
Surrounding temperature:5–40C
Surrounding humidity: <80%
·Aero-pressure: 86-106KPa
·Power supply AC 220V 50Hz

Monitor Function
· Airway pressure high alarm
· Airway pressure low alarm
· Setting error alarm
· Malfunction alarm

SYM-500A, Electrical Ventilator is a time electrical-driven, electronic-controlled, time cycled and volume constant ventilator for the respiration administration and theaply to the patient with ARDS or respiratory failure.

This ventilator configures two ventilation modes of IPPV and IPPV/ASSIST, and monitoring functions as high and low airway pressure, wrong sestting and etc. The alarm is visible and audible. The ventilator is not only a state of multi-functions but also a great convenience in manipulation. Because of electrical driven and electronic-controlledl, the ventilator needs no compressed air, and the work is at low noice.