SYM-500, Electrical Ventilator

Product Code: SYM-500, Electrical Ventilator


Main Specifications
· Ventilation modes:
(IPPV/Assist) (Pressure Cycled)
(SIMV) (Standby)
IPPV/Assist,SIMV,Pressure Cycled,Standby
· Ventilation frequency 8~40bpm
· SIMV frequency 2~10bpm
· Tidal volume 100~1500/ml
· Inspiratory time 0.5~3s
· Trigger sensitivity -1.0 ~+1.0kPa
· High Pressure alarm 1.5~6kPa
· Low Pressure alarm 0.4~3.4kPa
· Power supply AC 220V 50Hz and Internal battery 12V
· Power consumption 100W
· Dimension 36×32×25.5cm(H×W×L)
· Weight 18kg

Ventilation Modes
· IPPV/Assist

Monitor Function
· Airway pressure monitor
· High/low airway pressure alarm
· Apnea alarm
· Setting error alarm
· Low battery alarm
· Sytem fault alarm

SYM-500, Electrical Ventilator is a result from the coperation the application of reliability techniques and micro-processor controlled between Shanghai Medical Equipment Factory and the Teching and Research Sectio on Reliability of Shanghai No.2 Industrial University. SYM-500 ventilator is an electroniccontrolled electric-driven, time cyeled,volume constant ventilator for the ventilation administration and care to the patient of respiratory failure in emergency sited. during transportation of patient,in hospital or at home With a welldesigned cylinder pump system the ventilator is able to output a precise volume and saves the time for maintenance. Oxygen concentration in the inhaled gas can be adjusted through a oxygen enrichment kit conected to the gas take-in socket.The ventilator can also be furnished with humidifier,oxgen analyzer. trolley, arm support, etc. to extend clinical application. With internal battery keeps machine work another 120 minutes.