SYM-300A, Electrical Ventilator

Product Code: SYM-300A, Electrical Ventilator


Main Specifications
·Ventilation modes:IPPV/Assist
Ventilation frequency: 8~40cycles/min
Inspiratory time 0.5~3s
Tidal volume:200-1400ml
Oxygen concentration:21-100%
Low Pressure alarm:0.5Kpa
Trigger sensitivity:-0.1Kpa
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Power consumption:100W
Dimension 31×32×25.5cm(H×W×L)
Weight 17kg

Being an electrical conrolled and electrical driven ventilator which is volume constant and time cycled. SYM-300A  is designed to administer longterm ventilation and ventilation rescue for patient of respiratory failure in hospital or at home.
SYM-300A electrical ventilator has configured ventilation models of IPPV and IPPV/Assist and built in alarms for airway pressure low,setting errors as well as multi-function,further more theventilator has a unique feature that air compressor is not required for easy operation and saving cost.
SYM-300A electrical ventilator is suitable for both adults and children.