SYK-2C Versatile Anesthesia Machine

Product Code: SYK-2C Versatile Anesthesia Machine


Main Specifications:
1.Air source pressure: O2:0.27~0.55Mpa
2.Adjustment range of flow:O2:0.1~15L/min
3.N2O shut off:
N2O flow decrease correspondingly when the O2 supply
Pressure drops below 0.14 Mpa.
N2O auromatically shuts off when the O2 supply
Pressure drops below 0.04 Mps
4.Enflurane vaporizer:0.2-5vol%,adjustable
5.Alarm occurs and lasts for 7 seconds at least
6.Anesthetic Ventilator:
Contral Mode:pneumatic-driven,electric-control,constant volume.time-cycled
Air source pressure: O2:0.27~0.55Mpa
Tidal volume:200~1200 ml
I:E ratio:1:1 1:1.5 1:2 1:3
7.Respriatory monitor:
Tidal volume: 100~1500ml/min
Respiratory frequency:6~60bmp
Oxygen concentration:0~100%

SYK-2C is a multifunctional anesthetic apparatus ofnew generation incorporating anesthetic,respiratory and monitoring functions.

* Be equipped with highly precised N2O and O2 flowmeters, and N2O
automatically shut off device.
* Anesthetic ventilator of volume
-constant type. Electrically driven and controlled,suitable for both adults and children, provided with the flow and line alarms.
* Circle system saving greatly on carrier gas and on anesthetic, and adopt ISO standard connectors.
* Be equipped with respiratory monitor capable of monitor on realtime tidal volume, minute volume, frequency of ventilation, and O2 concentration degree, for assuring patient security.