SYH-210/220 Ultrasound

Product Code: SYH-210/220   Ultrasound

is210 is220

• 14 inches high resolution monitor;
• Originate from the latest image processing techniques;
• Broadband and multi-frequency transducers;
• Abudant software packages of Abdomen, Obstetric, Gynecology, Cardiology, Urology, Endocavity, Vascular, Prostate and Small Parts;
• Built-in patient information management system;
• More than 50000 frames permanent storage;
• Embedded 3D software as option;
• Dicom 3.0 is available;
• 14 inches TFT color monitor as option.

Powerful Analysis:
• Automatic measurement software for obstetrics, gynecology, organ, heart,
urology etc. Department.
• Measurement and calculation: distance, ellipse measure circumference and
area, trace measure circumference and area, ellipse measure surface area and
volume; 4 measuring results; Ratio measurement, line narrow/width ratio, area
narrow/width ratio, angle measurement, automatic calculation.
• Automatic report producing system.