SYF-M3B (Sidestream ETCO2, Color TFT)

Product Code: SYF-M3B (Sidestream ETCO2, Color TFT)

With SpO2 (Nellcor optional) and Respironics CO2 highly advanced monitoring technologies,EDAN SYF-M3B ensures effective capnography monitoring for intubated and non-intubated patients for continuous long-term monitoring. It is tailored for mechanically ventilated and non-intubated patients.


* 5.7 inch high resolution display for easy reading
* Lightweight, portable design and user-friendly interface for easy operation
* Flexible configurations to meet different clinical needs
* Nellcor OximaxTM / EDAN SpO2 PR measurement
* Respironics LoFloTM sidestream and CAPNOSTAT®5 mainstream ETCO2 measurement
* Real-time parameters measurement display with trend table for easy reviewing
* Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery for 10 hours continuous working
* Built-in Lithium-ion Battery for 8 hours working
* Powerful storage capacity
* Bi-directional communications with central station by wired or wireless network
* Nurse call
* Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients


SYF-M3B(SpO2 + CO2)

Product Code: SYF-M3B (Mainstream ETCO2, Color TFT)