Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

CMP Series Pulse vacuum autoclave is a small-sized automatic high pressure and temperature sterilization equipment which takes pressure steam as medium. It is suitable for sterilizing articles likes dressings, utensils, dental device, medical catheter that used in surgical, laboratory,etc.

Capability and Characteristics
Micro-computer control, touch-key.
Automatic control over the processes of filling water, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilization, steam exhaust and vacuum dryness.
Pulsant final vacuum drying system ensures the best drying effect of package.
Built-in steam generator and steam separator, these devices ensure the quality of steam and the outside steam source is not necessary.
Equipped with instrument, instrument bags, dressing, rubber, user-defined sterilization programs for customer’s choice. Liquid program is available for choice.
B-D test and vacuum test programs.
The 0.22μm filter provides sterile air into the chamber preventing a recontamination.
Temperature, time and pressure dynamic LCD displayed. Process of working dynamic displayed. The buzzer alarms when a fault occurred and displayed.
The buzzer alarms when a cycle is completed.
Printer is available for optional.

Safety Devices:
Auto protection device against over temperature: This system cuts off power automatically if the designed temperature is surpassed.
Automatic pressure safety lock. It will inform operator to open the door when the pressure and temperature of sterilization chamber reached designed value.
Double overpressure protection. Safety valve of auto release against over pressure: It opens when the designed pressure is surpassed. Overpressure automatic protection control: if the pressure surpasses the designed value, it will release pressure and alarms.
Electronic circuits safety device: direct current control loop and has protection against overload and voltage surpassed, alternating current main loop has short circuit protection device.

Technique Parameters:
Designed pressure:-0.1~0.26Mpa
Precision of temperature displayed:0.1℃
Rated working pressure:0.22Mpa
Temperature degree of uniformity:≤±0.5℃
Precision of pressure displayed:0.1Kpa
Material of chamber:SUS 304 stainless steel
Sterilization temperature:105℃~136℃


17 23

Product Code: CMP-17L


Inner Chamber: 250 x 345mm(Dia. x Height)

Out size: 490 x 385 x 532mm

GW: 50kgs

220V, 50Hz, 1.5Kw

Product Code: CMP-23L


Inner Chamber: 250 x 470mm(Dia. x Height)

Out size: 490 x 385 x 692mm

GW: 60kgs

220V, 50Hz, 2.0Kw


Product Code: CMP-45L


Inner Chamber: 315 x 575mm(Dia. x Height)

Out size: 828 x 580 x 468mm

GW: 90kgs

220V, 50Hz, 3.6Kw

3850 3870 Product Code: CMP-60L


Inner Chamber: 380 x 500mm(Dia. x Height)

Out size: 985 x 736 x 676mm

GW: 110kgs

380V, 50Hz, 5.0Kw


Product Code: CMP-80L


Inner Chamber: 380 x 700mm(Dia. x Height)

Out size: 4985 x 736 x 676mm

GW: 130kgs

380V, 50Hz, 5.2Kw


5070 5090 Product Code: CMP-135L


Inner Chamber: 500 x 700mm(Dia. x Height)

Out size: 1000 x 710 x 1700mm

GW: 220kgs

380V, 50Hz, 7.4Kw

Product Code: CMP-185L


Inner Chamber: 500 x 950mm(Dia. x Height)

Out size: 1250 x 710 x 1700mm

GW: 250kgs

380V, 50Hz, 7.4Kw