Operation Table KW-JT1

Product Code:  Operation Table KW-JT1


Oil pump adopts new-designed structure. To elevate the table top, just depress the pedal; To lower the table top, just depress the pedal to its lowest position.
With compact and reasonable structure, this table guarantees superior performance and reliable quality. The operations for JT-1 are made manually and are very easy.
During design, we take ergonomics into consideration, which results in its attractive apperance and easy operation for cleaning and sterilization.
All accessories can be detached with clamps.
With brake under the table ,the whole unit is very easy to transport, move or clean.
A new design of handle makes it more flexible for most of adjustments. When it is not in use ,the handle can also be detached.
All adjustments are to be carried out at the left side of the table, which makes adjusting process more convenient.
Due to its perfect design, the table can be elevated smoothly and stably.