operating table KW-JT1A

Product Code:  operating table KW-JT1A



The mechanical operating table model KW-JT1A is suitable for operating on head,neck, abdomen,chest,legs and so on in general surgery as well as gynaecological and urlolgical surgery in nospitals and clinics.
1.The new type of oil pump adopted in hydraulic pressure elevating and lowering system makes elevation very easy,the other operations are made manually.
2.It has a compact and reasonable structure,and a superior performance and quality.
3.The protective cove for table column is made of stainless steel.
4.It’s designed with new and fine art on the table’s outline which is easy for cleaning and sterilization.
5.All accessories can be detached with clamps. 6.By switching brake the table is convenient for transportation,moving and cleaning.
7.A new design of handle which is flexible is used for most of adjustments.
8.All adjustment are to be carried out at the left side of the table to make operations at most convenient.
9.A unique features of smooth elevation.