Needle Destroyer Product Code: K310

Needle Destroyer Product Code:  K310


Destroy disposable syringe to reject cross infection completely While melting the needle,
insert the needle into the melting hole, and then press down the syringe gently when the
needle touches the electrodes inside.

While the needle is being melted, there will be spark and the NEEDLE indicator will be
flashing for about three seconds, which is a normal phenomena;
It has the overheat protection function to protect machine work normally while melting the needle;Ozone disinfection function and alarm function when the drawer is full of residue;
The residual liquid in the needle will be vaporized instantly during melting, The “working indicator”
is flashed when melting the needle, which means the needle is being melted and the whole process
lasts 1-3 seconds;
While cutting the head of the syringe body, insert the syringe into the hole and pull the handle
to cut it off.
The whole process lasts 3 seconds.
Dealing with the waste residue:
There is a taphole at the bottom, under which there is a rubbish drawer to collect waste residue.
Please clean the rubbish drawer after using some time (usually after melting 50pcs of syringes).
Press the drawer gently at the bottom, which will flick automatically, then clean out the waste
residueand install again.