K350-B5 Surgical Diathermy

Product Code:  K350-B5 Surgical Diathermy


Feature multi-functional. Have four monpolar cutting modes, including pure cutting(0-350W), blend 1(0-250W), blend 2(0-200W) and blend 3(0-120W); three monopolar coagulation modes, including soft(0-150W),point (0-120W) and spray(0-100W); two bipolar coagulation, including standard(0-120W) and force(0-120W). Hand or foot controlled, simultaneously or independently hand and foot controlled. Equipped with single or dual foil patient plant. Have PC double closed-loop controlled, enlarged constant power scope(near 200W at 100-1000Ω ). Feature self-check, self-correcting and memory action. Suitable for large, medium and small surgical operations and can equip with endoscope, peritoneoscope or cystoscope for the electric operations in the abdominal cavity. The safety index is in accordance with the third edition international standard.
Hand-switch pencil(up to 134℃ sterilizable)———————1 pc
Foot-switch pencil(up to 134℃ sterilizable)———————-1pc
Bipolar forceps(up to 134℃ sterilizable)————————–1 pc
Neutral electrode——————————————————-1 pc
Foot switch—————————————————————2pc
Insulation container(up to 134℃ sterilizable)——————-1 pc
Power cable————————————————————–1pc
Instruction book——————————————————–2pcs