Electric Ventilator SYM-590

Product Code: Electric Ventilator SYM-590,

Shangrila 590

–10.4”TFT color screen
–Advanced detachable screen avoids cross infection
–Easy setting by navigator wheel knob & touch key
–Flow & pressure trigger
–Quick startup function
–static compliance & resistence monitor, Auto PEEP, P-V loop, F-V loop
–Three-level light and sound alarm, with concise words describing problems
–Advanced built-in electronic Air-oxygen mixing device
–Durable and accurate built-in flow sensor
–Integrated expiration valve, easy to be sterilized
–Backup apnea ventilation
–Nebulizer device(optional)
–Build in battery(optional)

Technical Data:
–Ventilation mode: A/C (VCV, PCV), SIGH, SIMV(SIMV+PSV), SPONT+PSV
–Tidal volume: 50-1500mL
–Breath rate: 4-100bpm
–SIMV Breath rate: 1-40bpm
–Inspiratory time: 0.1-12s
–Pause time: 0-4s
–Pressure trigger sensitivity: -20-0cmH2O
–Flow trigger sensitivity: 0.5-20LPM
–PSV: 0-60cm H2O
–PCV: 5-60cm H2O
–High pressure: 20-80cm H2O
–Low pressure: 0-20cm H2O
–Waveforms displayed: P-T, F-T, V-T, P-Vcircle, V-Fcircle
–PEEP: 0-40cm H2O
–FiO2 : 21%-100%
–Nebulizer device: ON/OFF(optional)
–Alarm silence:≤120s
–Parameters monitored: Vti, Vte, MMV, FiO2, Ppeak, Pplat, Pmean, PEEP, Ftot, Fspont,MVspont, Compliance, Resistence
–Alarm: low oxygen supply pressure, low air supply pressure, MMV high/low limit, Vti high limit, spont breath rate high limit, paw high/low limit, apnea, power failure, FiO2 high/low limit, low battery, CPAP
–Alarm record 100 events
–Pressure safety valve: ≤8kPa
–Power consumption: 65VA
–Size (width x height x depth):400x350x300mm
–Weight: 15Kg(Main Unit)
–Drive mode: pneumatically driven, electronically controlled
–Setting: Knob
–Gas supply: Air & Oxygen, Pressure0.28-0.6Mpa,>50L/min
–Temperature: 5-40℃
–Humidity: 30-75%
–Air Pressure: 50-106kpa