Dental Units 398HG


Product Code: 398HG

●Low-mounted instrument tray with air brake ———– 1 set
●4-hole handpiece turbing ————————————– 3 sets
●Luxurious rotatable integrated ceramic spittoon —- 1 set
●24V noiseless DC motor ————————————— 1 set
●Auto spittoon flush and cup filler system —————- 1 set
●Dental chair control system with 3 memory and inter-lock set
●Synchronized movement of seat and backrest
●Operating light —————————————————- 1 set
●Rotatable cabinet ———————————————— 1 set
●Saliva ejector with high and low suction —————– 1 set
●3-way syringe (hot/cold water) —————————— 2 sets
●Multi-functional foot controller —————————— 1 set
●Imported 24V X-film viewer ———————————- 1 set
●Water tank (air pressurized) ——————————— 1 set
●Operating stool 338C ——————————————- 1 set


●air compressor (one for one dental unit)

●Scaler (built-in)N1,  detachable N2

●LED curing light (built-in)

●AL-318Endoscope system 

●Top mounted instrument tray

● Real leather cushion