Dental Instruments Parts

YT-10Dental X-Ray Machine

* Electric condition:
* AC220V +10% 50hz
* X-Ray tube voltage and current:
* 60kv~0.50mA
* 65kv~0.85mA
* 70kv~1.10Ma
* Setting time range:
* 0.01~2.00S
* X-Ray spor:
* 0.3 x 0.3mm2
* Radition leakage:>0.002mgy/h (standard stipulated is 0.25mgy/h)
* Total filtration value: 1.5mmAL
* The focal distance: 200mm


1Water distillers 4L


2Dental x-ray film processor


3Oil -free air compressor one-one/two/three/four


4Dental Foldable Apex Locator For Root Canal Measure

Frequency operating system-0.1mm length determination
Works in dry or wet canals
Adjustable LCD angle of view
Self calibrating
LCD panel could show the moving trace of file in the canal
Autoclavable file holder to avoid cross infection
Audible warning system
Adjustable volume of the sound indicator
Excellence in working length determination comes with 5 different setting of apical adjustment aound the minor diameter