Computerized Ventilator for Animals Product Code: 300H

Computerized Ventilator for Animals Product Code: 300H


Animal ventilator is controlled by single chip based on opening high frequency jet ventilation, it adopts opening ventilation mode with high frequency and low tidal volume so that the airway pressure is low with little effect on blood stream recycling to heart and it helps to increase the blood flow from the heart and to promote the oxygen combination. No need to keep synchronization with respiration, the device can supply oxygen accessorily and controlled ventilation as well. When ventilating, the suction in airway can be adjusted at the same time.


A. It is widely used for the respiratory management, treatment and first-aid & palinesthesia of animal such as cattle, horse, tiger, elephant, and panda etc big animal.

B. Multiform switching mode for jetting oxygen through the nose, the device can improve oxygen concentration rapidly and has an obvious effect on the treatment for all kinds of

Respiratory failure.

C. The device can ventilate through the endotrachea tube and its operation does not need to keep synchronous with respiration. It can be used for tracheotomy in an emergency.


 Frequency: 10150 breaths/min

 I/E ratio1:11:3 and 3:1

 Driving Pressure 00.20 Mpa

 Resource air pressure : 0.3-0.4 MPa

 Process ventilation: T=10 min, I/E ratio1:1.5, infinite cycle

Pro I :f(150):f(35)=7:3,

Pro II :f(35):f(150)=7:3,

 Alarm: Alarm with light and sound for power failure or no oxygen

 Jetting volume range: 0-4000ML/time

 Ventilation Modes: HFJV (High Frequency Jet Ventilation);CPAP(Continuous positive airway pressure); Pro I and Pro II ventilation; HFJV+SIGH ventilation; Manual ventilation.