Cervical Vertebra Retractor

1. Brief introduction of tractors for cervical spine:
The tractors for cervical spine are pneumatic tractors.It can treat the problems of end-nerve cervical spine. It can subside the symptoms. It is easy in operation and safe and efficient in the treatment.
2. Specification and model:
three layers
3. Scope of application:
It is suitable to treat the problems of end-nerve cervical spine. You can use it in office after work long time, at home when you have free time, and do other work at same time.
4. Composition and function of the product:
This prduct is mainly made up of air bag, lining bushing, the conduit, plastic attachment, the valve of the tractor, the nylon adherent buttons and so on. According to different material, it can be divided into latex tractors and rubber tractors. According to the different structures, there are rubber tractors with five layers and seven layers and latex tractors with three layers.
Traction journer: three layers (from 2cm to 15cm); five layers (from 4cm to 15com); seven layers (from 6cm to 20cm);
5. Operation method:
A、Put it around your neck and do up the nylon adherent buttons.
B、Screw the valve of the inflatable ball on clockwise.
C、Hold the inflatable ball and pump air again and again till you feel expansib

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