Anesthesia Machine SYK-3B3, With Two Vaporizers and Intergrated Circuit

Product Code: Anesthesia Machine SYK-3B3, With Two Vaporizers and Intergrated Circuit

mhj3b3-1 Volummeter(Optional)
and Pressure gauge

mhj3b3-2Respiratoy monitor and
Anaesthesia ventilator


Adopts a two stage regulator and a hight precision three-gas flowmeter with ORC system,ensures oxygen concentration not less than 25%
Automatic N2O cut off and an unique O2 deficiency alarm divice.
With Enflurane or lsoflurane vaporizer,or both.
Attachable cylinder bracket.
Pneumatic-driven and electic-controlled anesthesia ventilator(Optional)
With constant volume for adults and children(With Ventilator).
Real time airway measurement
Exhaled tidal volume and Minute vlulme measurement(Optional).
Stainless steel ansesthesia writing surface

Technical Data:
Gas supply: O2:2.7-5.5mPa;
Flow control range:O2:0.1-10L/min;
Oxygen deficiency alarm:as oxygen pressure is≤0.2Mpa,alarm occurs and lasts 7 seconds ast least;
N2O cut-off:N2O is cut-off completely,when O2 pressure is≤0.1Mpa;
O2 flush:50±10L/min at O2 pressure 0.45Mpa;
Enflurane vaporizer:0.2-5VOL%,adjustable;
SC-M3A1 anaesthesia ventilator working mode:
Pneumatic-controlled and pneumatic-driven,time cycled,volume constant(Optional)

Standard Accessories
·Main Unit
·Enflurane DZFG Vaporizer
·Version IV Circuit System
·Air Supply Hose
·Common Gas Hose
·Patient Pipeline
·Breathing Bag
·Real Time Pressure Gauge
Optional Accessories
·Isoflurane DZFG Vaporizer
·Cylinder Assembly
·Anaesthesia Ventilator
·APL Valve
·O2 Reducer
·N2O Rdducer
·Air Hose
·Integrated Circuit