Anesthesia Machine SYK-3B

Product Code: Anesthesia Machine SYK-3B 


Main Specifications:
1.flowmeter measuring range:
O2 flow 0.1~10L/min
N2O flow 0.1~10L/min
2.Gas supply: 0.27~0.55mPa
3.O2 flush: 35~70L/min
4.N2O cut off:O2 preesure drops below 0.1 Mpa
5. Enflurane vaporizer:0-5% adjustable
6.APL: 0.5~7Kpa
7.Dimension: 516x6000x1370mm (LxWxH)
8.Weight: 52Kg
The anesthesia machine of popular type MHJ-3B with SC-M5 anesthesia ventilator forms a complete anesthesia system

1.New design of flowmeter with ORC(oxygen Ratio Control) to guarantee at leas 30% O2 concentration
2.Automatic N2O cut off
3.ISO standard circle system fittable to the left or the right side of the machine makes operation more convenient in either side
4.Easy opservation of respiratory pressure from pressure gauger
5.With Enflurane or Isoflurane vaporizer
6.Attachabe cylinder support

SYK-3B Anaesthesia Machine,a new popular type machine, has not only made a big step in increasing its reliability,safety and combination but also,in design,given room to equip anaesthesia ventilator and monitoring to form a complete versatile anaesthesia maching thus provides more useful functions.
ISO standard circle system can meet the needs for semiopen semi-closed or closed system anaesthesia.The machine has a DZFG vaporizer with adjustable anaesthetic concentration. The machine is easy in operation.