4L Oxygen Generator

4L  Oxygen Generator is a small movable medicinal health oxygen manufacture equipment that is designed on the basis of other like products in our company. It adopts the top product SXS lithium molecular sieve of France ,having the characters of producing oxygen quickly ,high oxygen concentration and durable in use.  Improving the oxygen supplying condition through aerobic respiration can achieve the goal of oxygenating. It adapts to those who deficit oxygen in different degrees, such as the middle and aged, the fragile, the pregnant and students to take college entrance examination. It can also be used to the weariness after respiration system, gas poisoning, heavy work or brainwork, and recovering functions.4l
     It has the medical and health care functions ,some producers have the function of atomizing.
●Full plastic shell, handsome appearance;
●Safety valve inside, safe and reliable in application;
●Adopting the top product SXS lithium molecular sieve of France, through pressure swing adsorption separation process, producing high purity oxygen that accord with the standards of medical oxygen.
Technical Specifications:
Mains voItage V/Hz V/H:AC220/50
Power input:400
Oxygen content:≥90%
Rated oxygen generating efficiency:4L/min
Atomization effiCiency:≥0.2MI/ min
Oxygen delivery pressure:0.04-0.06Mpa
Noise level:≤50dB(A)
Relative humidity of operating environment:≤80%
Ambient temperature:5-40℃
Atmospheric Alarm for:86-106Kpa
Dimensions:300×5 60×575mm
Net weight:25Kg