2.0 Mega pixelsWireless intra-oral camera

Product Code: KD750+KD360orKD370+KD900+KD250  2.0 Mega pixelsWireless intra-oral camera


*Light and easy mobility*Equipped with anti-fog, non-spherical lens*Handpiece holder with automatic power-off function*Singe image screen and 4 imageintersected screen can be changed to eachother.*Can be stored 4×28 PCS pictures totally.*With quickly deleted image, re-capturedand enlarge function.*With specific remote control.*Both freeze function of footplate(option)and handiece.* with 4 wireless channel.

Image sensor: 1/4 sony CCDImage resolution :2.0 mega pixelsAccumulation point: 5mm~50mmPhotographing visual angle:70Accumulation point: 5mm~50mmFrequency: 5.8GHzChannel selection :4 channelRansmit power:10dBm(about 10m)