Incinerating Toilets

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Waterless Incinerating Toilets

The SR series includes environmentally friendly incinerating toilets that lead the way in the waterless disposal of waste. It was developed to solve economical and logistical problems in remote waste handling applications; in such applications, there may not be any available sewage systems; septic tanks may not be allowed; or it is simply expensive or difficult to install a standard water flushing toilet. In these situations the SR models are ideal. Every SR model is waterless self-contained toilet that incinerates the waste into a sterile ash that needs to be emptied periodically (dependent upon usage). Installation of the SR is also very easy. Simply connect the chimney system, hook up the fuel source and connect to a power source (12V DC or 120 AC), and the toilet is ready to use. Whether it is a cabin, guest house, remote commercial application, the SR toilets are great solutions which can improve living/working conditions.

  SR5 SR12
Heat Flow 5kW 12kW
Fuel Propane Propane, Natural Gas, Diesel
Operating Voltage 12V DC or 120V AC 12V DC or 120V AC
Hourly Btu Input 18,000 Btu/hr 50,000 Btu/hr
Temperature Operation: -30 to 120 F Operation: -30 to 120 F
Material Polypropylene Plastic Powder Coded Galv.Steel
Color White White, Black, Gray
Electrical Consumption Urine Cycle: 0.215 AmpH Urine Cycle: 0.215 AmpH
Waste Cycle: 0.312 AmpH Waste Cycle: 0.312 AmpH
Height 25" 32"
Width 23" 25"
Depth 38" 39"
Sitting Depth 19" 20"
Weight 132 lbs 200 lbs
Waste Combustion Systems with Low Flush Toilets

The WC series consist of a wide range of waste incinerators in different sizes and fuel sources. All products in the WC series incinerate from a holding tank and operate with low flush toilets. WC5, WC32, and WC48 are all included in the WC series and use Propane, Diesel, or Natural Gas as fuel source depending on model and size. The WC series are ideal in any remote application where a conventional toilet is too expensive or difficult to install. These incinerators along with a low flush toilet provide ecological, economical, and logistical benefits as well as eliminate costly and potential harmful environment which is often associated with a standard pump out process.
The WC series have the capability to incinerate between 1 to 6 gallons of waste per hour (depending on model). No chemicals are necessary to add in the waste holding tanks before incineration starts.
Best toilet solution for the various situation.

  WC5 WC32 WC48
Fuel Propane Propane Propane
Natural Gas Natural Gas
Diesel Diesel
Operating Voltage 12V DC 12V DC 12V DC
120V AC 120V AC 120V AC
  220V AC 220V AC
Dimension 25" x 16" x 27" 50" x 28.5" x 35" 62" x 28.5" x 35"
Weight 122 lbs 250 lbs 350 lbs
Burning Capacity 1 gal/hr 3 gal/hr 6 gal/hr
Fuel Consumption Propane 0.5 lbs/hr 1.50 lbs/hr 3 lbs/hr
  Natural Gas N/A 0.60 therm/hr 1.40 therm/hr
  Diesel N/A 0.6 gal/hr 0.9 gal/hr
Operating Temperature 32F to 140F 32F to 140F 32F to 140F