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Product Code: SYM-510, is testify to its reliable functions under various kinds of unfavorable circumstances. The internal battery with at least four hours’ working time and rack of multiple uses facilitate transportation and emergent treatment. The ventilation modes it has include A/C, SIGH, SIMV, SPONT and Manual. The data displayed include tidal volume, minute volume, total breath rate, peak pressure and pressure-time waveform. Intelligent apnea backup ventilation technique is also adopted in this machine.
Technical Data:
--Ventilation mode: A/C, SIGH, SIMV, SPONT, Manual
--Tidal volume: 0-1500ml
--Breath rate: 4-99bpm
--IE ratio: 1:0.5, 1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4
--Trigger sensitivity: -20-0cmH2O
--High pressure:0-80cmH2O
--Low pressure: 0-20cmH2O
--FiO2:  48%-100%
--Alarm silence: ≤120s
--Parameters monitored: Vt, MV, Ppeak, Ftot, Psens, A/C power supply, D/C power supply, battery recharging, status of battery
--Waveforms displayed: P-T
--Alarm: Paw high/low limit, apnea, A/C power failure, low battery
--Patient type: Adult &Pediatric
--Driven mode: Electronically controlled and pneumatically driven
--Setting: Navigator wheel knob & touch key
--Displayed: LCD
--Noise: ≤65db
--Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz; AC110V, 60Hz;DC12V
--Battery working time: >4 hours
--Cylinder: 3.2L, 12Mpa; working time ≥90min when MV is 8L/min and FiO2  is 48%
--Gas supply: O2,  0.3-0.5Mpa, >50L/min
--Dimensions: 300mmx170mmx175mm
--Weight of main unit: 4Kg
--Dimensions of machine rack: 500mmx190mmx400mm
Product Code: SYM-590,

--10.4”TFT color screen
--Advanced detachable screen avoids cross infection
--Easy setting by navigator wheel knob & touch key
--Flow & pressure trigger
--Quick startup function
--static compliance & resistence monitor, Auto PEEP, P-V loop, F-V loop
--Three-level light and sound alarm, with concise words describing problems
--Advanced built-in electronic Air-oxygen mixing device
--Durable and accurate built-in flow sensor
--Integrated expiration valve, easy to be sterilized
--Backup apnea ventilation
--Nebulizer device(optional)
--Build in battery(optional)

Technical Data:
--Ventilation mode: A/C (VCV, PCV), SIGH, SIMV(SIMV+PSV), SPONT+PSV
--Tidal volume: 50-1500mL
--Breath rate: 4-100bpm
--SIMV Breath rate: 1-40bpm
--Inspiratory time: 0.1-12s
--Pause time: 0-4s
--Pressure trigger sensitivity: -20-0cmH2O
--Flow trigger sensitivity: 0.5-20LPM
--PSV: 0-60cm H2O
--PCV: 5-60cm H2O
--High pressure: 20-80cm H2O
--Low pressure: 0-20cm H2O
--Waveforms displayed: P-T, F-T, V-T, P-Vcircle, V-Fcircle
--PEEP: 0-40cm H2O
--FiO2 : 21%-100%
--Nebulizer device: ON/OFF(optional)
--Alarm silence:≤120s
--Parameters monitored: Vti, Vte, MMV, FiO2, Ppeak, Pplat, Pmean, PEEP, Ftot, Fspont,MVspont, Compliance, Resistence
--Alarm: low oxygen supply pressure, low air supply pressure, MMV high/low limit, Vti high limit, spont breath rate high limit, paw high/low limit, apnea, power failure, FiO2 high/low limit, low battery, CPAP
--Alarm record 100 events
--Pressure safety valve: ≤8kPa
--Power consumption: 65VA
--Size (width x height x depth):400x350x300mm
--Weight: 15Kg(Main Unit)
--Drive mode: pneumatically driven, electronically controlled
--Setting: Knob
--Gas supply: Air & Oxygen, Pressure0.28-0.6Mpa,>50L/min
--Temperature: 5-40℃
--Humidity: 30-75%
--Air Pressure: 50-106kpa

Product Code: SYM-500, Electrical Ventilator

Main Specifications
· Ventilation modes:
(IPPV/Assist) (Pressure Cycled)
(SIMV) (Standby)
IPPV/Assist,SIMV,Pressure Cycled,Standby
· Ventilation frequency 8~40bpm
· SIMV frequency 2~10bpm
· Tidal volume 100~1500/ml
· Inspiratory time 0.5~3s
· Trigger sensitivity -1.0 ~+1.0kPa
· High Pressure alarm 1.5~6kPa
· Low Pressure alarm 0.4~3.4kPa
· Power supply AC 220V 50Hz and Internal battery 12V
· Power consumption 100W
· Dimension 36×32×25.5cm(H×W×L)
· Weight 18kg

Ventilation Modes
· IPPV/Assist

Monitor Function
· Airway pressure monitor
· High/low airway pressure alarm
· Apnea alarm
· Setting error alarm
· Low battery alarm
· Sytem fault alarm

SYM-500, Electrical Ventilator is a result from the coperation the application of reliability techniques and micro-processor controlled between Shanghai Medical Equipment Factory and the Teching and Research Sectio on Reliability of Shanghai No.2 Industrial University. SYM-500 ventilator is an electroniccontrolled electric-driven, time cyeled,volume constant ventilator for the ventilation administration and care to the patient of respiratory failure in emergency sited. during transportation of patient,in hospital or at home With a welldesigned cylinder pump system the ventilator is able to output a precise volume and saves the time for maintenance. Oxygen concentration in the inhaled gas can be adjusted through a oxygen enrichment kit conected to the gas take-in socket.The ventilator can also be furnished with humidifier,oxgen analyzer. trolley, arm support, etc. to extend clinical application. With internal battery keeps machine work another 120 minutes. 

Product Code: SYM-500A, Electrical Ventilator


SYM-500A, Electrical Ventilator
Main Specifications
·Ventilation modes: IPPV, IPPV/Assist
·Ventilation frequency: 6--60 cycles/seconds
·I:E ratio: 1:1,1:1.5,1:2,1:3
·Tidal volume: 200~1200/ml
·Oxygen concentration: 21%--100%
·High Pressure alarm: 2--6kPa
·Low Pressure alarm: 0.4--2.4kPa
·Trigger sensitivity: -0.2KPa
·PEEP: 0-20 cmH2O(Optional)
·Maximum safety pressure: 6.0KPa
·Environmental requirement:
Normal working condition
Surrounding temperature:5--40C
Surrounding humidity: <80%
·Aero-pressure: 86-106KPa
·Power supply AC 220V 50Hz

Monitor Function
· Airway pressure high alarm
· Airway pressure low alarm
· Setting error alarm
· Malfunction alarm

SYM-500A, Electrical Ventilator is a time electrical-driven, electronic-controlled, time cycled and volume constant ventilator for the respiration administration and theaply to the patient with ARDS or respiratory failure.

This ventilator configures two ventilation modes of IPPV and IPPV/ASSIST, and monitoring functions as high and low airway pressure, wrong sestting and etc. The alarm is visible and audible. The ventilator is not only a state of multi-functions but also a great convenience in manipulation. Because of electrical driven and electronic-controlledl, the ventilator needs no compressed air, and the work is at low noice.


Product Code: SYM-300A, Electrical Ventilator

Main Specifications
·Ventilation modes:IPPV/Assist
Ventilation frequency: 8~40cycles/min
Inspiratory time 0.5~3s
Tidal volume:200-1400ml
Oxygen concentration:21-100%
Low Pressure alarm:0.5Kpa
Trigger sensitivity:-0.1Kpa
Power supply AC 220V 50Hz
Power consumption:100W
Dimension 31×32×25.5cm(H×W×L)
Weight 17kg

Being an electrical conrolled and electrical driven ventilator which is volume constant and time cycled. SYM-300A  is designed to administer longterm ventilation and ventilation rescue for patient of respiratory failure in hospital or at home.
SYM-300A electrical ventilator has configured ventilation models of IPPV and IPPV/Assist and built in alarms for airway pressure low,setting errors as well as multi-function,further more theventilator has a unique feature that air compressor is not required for easy operation and saving cost.
SYM-300A electrical ventilator is suitable for both adults and children.


Product Code: SYM-200, Infant Ventilator

SYM-200 infant ventilator is designed to meet the special needs of respiratory therapy and respiratory management for infants and children. This ventilator uses constant flow, pressure limit, time cycle ventilation mode.With the feature of compact in design and easy in operation. It is an reliable and elementary instruments in emergeccy and ICU rooms.

Technical Data:

1.Ventilantion Mode:CMV:IMV:CPAP:Manual Venliation
2.Breath Rate: 1~120 bmp
3.Flow: 3~20 l/min
4.O2concentration:21~100% O2 adjustalbe
5.PEEP:0 -2KPa
6.Inspiratory Pressure: 1~9KPa
7.Inspiratory time:0.2~3Sec.
8.Gas Supply Oxygen: 0.5~ 0.6MPa
9.Gas Supply Air: 0.15~0.6MPa
(From CS or aircompressor)
10.Basic Unit Diemensions:
11.Weight: 7.5kg( Without trolley)

Medical Air Compressor Product Code: SYM-YK1
Product Code: SYM-300A, Versatile Ventilator

SYM-300A Versatile Ventilator serves as long term ventilator for respiratory rescue and therapy,which is pneumatic driven,electronic controlled suitable for patients of all ages (from prematures to adults).SYM-300A ventilator has the superior performance and functions as a modern ventilator. SYM-300A ventilator adopts a dual-microprocessor system and integrates most of modern ventilation modes includeing hundred percent oxygen enrichment,sigh function and medicament nebulizaton.It also has monitoring functions with andible and visual alarm.To make it easy for emergency use the SYM-300A ventilator has an additional key for "emergency".When use the emergency function,all that required is to set a O2 concentration and inspiratory pressure. With a well designed structure,new ventilation mode can be easily added to SYM-300A ventilator by upgrading its software without changing any hardware.Features:

1.For patient of all ages
2.Pneumatic driven, electronic controlled.Wide selection of ventilation modes.Volume constant, Pressure control,Pressure support etc.
3.Dual-microprocessor system,high reliabilty.
4.Monitoring of airway pressure and ventilation volume.
5.Advertisement of operation for easy use.
6.Build-in alarm function for safety.
Main Specifications:

1.Ventilation frequency:IPPV:5~60bpm SIMV:1~12bpm
2.Inspiratory flow:Infant:4~24L/min(continuous)
Adult:10~120L/min(inspiratory phase)
3.Inspiratory time:0.2~3s
4.Insperatory pause:0 -2s[for IPPV(VC) and SIMV]
5.Peak pressure:1~9kPa
6.Inspiratory oxygen concentration:21~100%
8.Pressure support:0~3.5kPa
9.Trigger sensitivity: -0.1~1.0kPa
10.Ventilation modes: Adult:IPPV(VC),IPPV(PC),SIMV,SIMV+PSV,CPAP,PSV Infant:IPPV(PC),IMV,CPAP,Pressure Limit,Time Cycle. Emergency:IPPV(PC) (02 concentration,inspiratory pressure key active only)
11.MV monitoring:Upper Limit:5 - 40L/min Lower Limit:0~20L/min
12.Airway pressuremonitoring:Pmax,Pmean,Pplat,PEEP
13.Ventilation monitoring:Frequency,Minute Volume,Tidal Volume 14.Alarms:Air supply deficiency,Oxygen supply deficiency,Hose detachment,Airway pressure high,Airway pressure low,MV high,MV low,Apnea,Power failure

Product Code:  SYM-J1 Emergency Ventilator 

SYM-J1 is a time cycled constant volume respirator for controled mechnical ventilation in emergencies of all types.for respiratory rescue of accidents in mine traffic or industries,for artifical respiration during transportation of patients in ambuance,on ship,on aeroplanes or from operation room to intensive care unit.It can also be used for respiratory therapy with an attachable humidifier. The O2 concentration is adjustable to 55% or 100% To meet the needs of emergencies, the frequency and minute volume scales have three different colous for administering artifical respiration to infants,children and adults correspondingly.
With O2 or compressed air as gas supply.no electricity is required. Small in size,light in weight.easy to carry and simple in operation. SYM-J1 represents an ideal ventilator for all emergency cases.

1.Frequency:10 ~35min - 1
2.Minute volume:2 ~18L/min
3.I:E Ratio:1:1.5
5.Relief valve:5 ~7KPa
6.Gas supply:0.2 ~0.6MPa(O2 or compressed air) 7.Dimension:240×80×200min(L×H×W) 8.Weight:2kg

Infant(Green Colour): Frequency:28-35Bpm MV:2.0-3.5l/Min.
Child(Blue Colour): Frequency:18-28Bpm MV:3.5-7.0l/Min.
Adult(Brown Colour): Frequency:10-18Bpm MV:7.0-18.0l/Min.

Computerized Ventilator for Animals Product Code: 300H

Animal ventilator is controlled by single chip based on opening high frequency jet ventilation, it adopts opening ventilation mode with high frequency and low tidal volume so that the airway pressure is low with little effect on blood stream recycling to heart and it helps to increase the blood flow from the heart and to promote the oxygen combination. No need to keep synchronization with respiration, the device can supply oxygen accessorily and controlled ventilation as well. When ventilating, the suction in airway can be adjusted at the same time.


A. It is widely used for the respiratory management, treatment and first-aid & palinesthesia of animal such as cattle, horse, tiger, elephant, and panda etc big animal.

B. Multiform switching mode for jetting oxygen through the nose, the device can improve oxygen concentration rapidly and has an obvious effect on the treatment for all kinds of

Respiratory failure.

C. The device can ventilate through the endotrachea tube and its operation does not need to keep synchronous with respiration. It can be used for tracheotomy in an emergency.



-- Frequency: 10150 breaths/min

-- I/E ratio1:11:3 and 3:1

-- Driving Pressure 00.20 Mpa

-- Resource air pressure : 0.3-0.4 MPa

-- Process ventilation: T=10 min, I/E ratio1:1.5, infinite cycle

   Pro I :f(150):f(35)=7:3,

   Pro II :f(35):f(150)=7:3,

-- Alarm: Alarm with light and sound for power failure or no oxygen

-- Jetting volume range: 0-4000ML/time

-- Ventilation Modes: HFJV (High Frequency Jet Ventilation);CPAP(Continuous positive airway pressure); Pro I and Pro II ventilation; HFJV+SIGH ventilation; Manual ventilation.

Ventilator for Beasties  Product Code: 200C

ventilator for beasties is designed according to the principle of open jet ventilator,its ventilation mothod is not only high frequency with low tidal volume but also regular frequency with great tidal volume.



A. Adopted the ventilation technique which is opening high frequency with low tidal volume, the airway pressure is low, little interference to refluxing bloodstream,effect of oxygen compound is good, the oxygen partial pressure can be increased rapidly. When great tidal volume is adopted, CO2 can be discharged easily.

B. Convenient connecting, it can be connected through the nasal and endotracheal tube.also can connect directly from chest.

C. The ventilation mode with high frequency and low tidal volume will not easily produce pressure injury.

D. The effect of oxygen dirrusion is so good that the tested beastie can stand for a long time.

E. Adjustable oxygen concentration, the ventilation mode with continuous supply oxygen and good humidifying effect can ensure beastie to respire independently.

F. Apply to manual ventilation test for monkey, rabbit, dog etc animal.

G. Configured with multiform ventilation tube for beasties, or connected with other gas source.


-- Frequency: 8150 breaths/min

-- I/E ratio: 1:11:3 and inverse ratio

-- Driving Pressure : 00.08MPa

-- Gas source: High-pressure oxygen source or air compressor. The input pressure is not more than 0.16MPa

-- Decompressor Limit pressure: 0.16MPa

-- Ventilation Modes: HFJV (High Frequency Jet Ventilation); CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure); Manual ventilation.


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