Parturition table FSIII

KL_FS_IIIProduct Code: FS·III gynaecology table is clinically used for gynaecologic examination, parturition of lying-in woman and other common operations.
     Gynaecology table consists of chassis, column, table-board, pneumatic spring and etc. Table-board is divided into back plate, seat plate and auxiliary leg plate.
     Pneumatic spring is manually controlled to adjust front and backward tilting of table-board and upward folding of back plate. Hydraulic oil pump is adopted to elevate table-board via foot-operated control. Mechanic transmission is adopted to jack up or fall chassis to the ground via foot-operated control.
Soft mattress for gynaecology table-board is made of high-density leatheroid and that for auxiliary leg plate is made of polyurethane. Cover casing of gynaecology chassis and both inner and outer cover casing of oil pump column are made of ABS plastics.
Technical Specifications:
Table Lengh:1330mm±50mm    
Table Width:550mm±30mm
Auxiliary table:340mm×460mm(±20mm)
Forward incinling of the platform≥15°
Backward incinling of the platform≥12°
Back board fold upward≥70°
Table at the lowest level≤650mm
Table elevating stroke≥210mm
Auxiliary table stroke≥540mm